Damn, it’s been a while.

This seems to occur in a fairly consistent rotation: Blog for a while, stop for a while, try to come up with some transitional post, repeat. The stopping for a while often does not have an obvious cause. This time, however, I’ve experienced some major life changes. Depression, sadness, dedication, motivation, anger, betrayal, numbness, overwhelmed, careening, hopelessness… are all applicable at some point. I changed career directions. I am currently estranged from my family as a result. Monumental life events. I considered starting a Tumblr because it’s easier to deal with than self-hosting. The few times I would think to come back, it all seemed overwhelming. Especially when it was just for a thought that didn’t fit on Twitter. The Tumblr exists. Whether I choose it instead remains to be seen. A dear friend who helped me set all of this up a while ago when the hosting I had fell through, kept it going and took care of all the technical stuff for me. The downside is, I’ve lost that skill. But this friend came through for me again even though he is dealing with many demons of his own, and I have access to my blog again. Time will tell how everything proceeds.

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Orangetabbycat is healthy again. Quite relieved.


Meet my babycat, Kavi.

Kavi was a rescue kitty. She has been in my life now for 6 years. She is an Egyptian Mau mix – she has spots, even on her skin. She will mew about anything and everything, and has a million different voices. Her favorite thing to do is squeeze onto the couch next to me where there really isn’t room and purr like a freight train.

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Oh, context. Thine bitch thou dost so often make.

“A quick look at my search history makes it look like I’m a pederast planning to take a kid to EuroDisney and then get in his pants. Which is so not true. I’m going to take him to Cirque de Paris.”

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Spelling necessary is not unnecessary.

As a child, I excelled at every subject in school. Scored in the 99th percentile on all standardised tests. And, I always placed into the school spelling bee. Often won. In sixth grade, I failed on a fairly difficult word. I was irritated enough that I didn’t bother to remember what word it was.

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Delayed reaction.

My dad’s had some work issues. Got everything resolved. Since then, I drove to my parent’s place for the first time this afternoon. Came in the house rockin’ out to some Kool and the Gang in honor of my dad’s achievement. My mum looks at me and says, “Kool and the Gang.” I say yes and ask where dad is. She says upstairs. I holler something, he hollers back, I figure oh well, turn it off, and move on. Headed outside to help my mum with some things.

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