Dumb cat.

My roommate’s cat is a wuss. If you walk in his general vicinity he cowers. The other morning I woke up and walked into the living room and he was behind the couch. I walked past him and he didn’t move. I shook my foot at him and he still didn’t move. So I pushed him out from behind the couch and he ran a couple of feet. And with him he took the plastic grocery bag that he had around his neck.

Just so everyone understands… It’s just resting around his neck. The hole that makes the handle on this plastic bag is big enough for the cat to walk through. He’s really just that dense.

The bag was kind of torn and it was dragging behind him. He would run about two feet and stop, thinking the bag was chasing him. So I stomped at him to make him move away and then he would get all scared and stop.

Cruel right? No, hysterical.

He got to the point where he just wouldn’t move because the bag never stopped following him.

I left him like that when I went to work. Heh. Dumb cat.

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