Good timing and impulse buys.

The unfortunate thing about impulse buying is that there’s no planning involved. Which usually means a week after you make your impulse purchase, you’ll find the same thing you purchased for half the price or you’ll find something much better for the same price. Usually.

I decided tonight that I’m tired of being the stupid one. And, no, I’m not being self-deprecating. Picture this. You’ve got a group of rather intelligent people, all gathered for one purpose: to identify and conquer problems and issues with Ubuntu linux.

And then you have me. With my little Mac.

Now, I must digress here for a moment. Make no mistake. I love my Mac. My little Powerbook owns. OSX Tiger only made it better. Dashboard widgets are the best and Spotlight is the awesome.

But there’s just something… Something about sitting with this smarty-pants group… And working on your personal website. It’s cute and all, but I never was one to be content with being “the cute one.” I’ll be the cute one, but only if I’m the cute one who also happens to be the sleeper smarty. Cute with ninja smarts. It gets to me, I’ll be totally honest. I have a linux box at home, with Ubuntu on it. But I haven’t touched it more than a few times since I bought it. I’m hardly ever home and when I am, I’m on my laptop. It’s not that I simply want to be more closely involved with everyone… I want to learn. And I learn best by doing, and I’m certainly more likely to be doing in a group of other people doing than I am with a desktop at home.

So… I’m going to buy a PC laptop. This is my solution. Those who know me know, and now so shall those who do not… My solutions to things are usually pretty expensive. I don’t just throw money around. When I decide to do something, I don’t half-ass it. I go all out. You should see the specs on the desktop I haven’t touched. It’s better than any of the other smarty-pants’ desktops. Seriously.

Well, there you have it. All of this over the past week or so, culminating on my way home tonight, and wouldn’t you know it… Someone sends me a link to for a deal they are having: spend 1500$+ and receive 750$ off. Under most circumstances, my first reaction to Dell is to pass. But how can you go wrong with spending 800$ on a really nice laptop. Even the snootiest of the geeks said I’d be stupid not to buy it.

I’ve already seen the Dell 700m in person. It’s very nice. The 12.1″ crystal-view widescreen is the droolies. And… The Inspiron series is included in the deal. The base price of the 700m is ~1400$. Now to pour over my options and PERFECT THE MACHINE.

And somehow I doubt I’m going to find it for a better price next week.

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