TV Quotes

“It’s hot in here.” “Sure it’s hot. It’s an incinerator, genius.” – Doug, camera man, and Mike – Dirty Jobs, “Cave Digger” episode

“I think it’d be very easy for a guy of your knowledge and depth to run this machine and help us tunnel!” “Have you seen the show?” – John, Napa Valley, and Mike – Dirty Jobs, “Cave Digger” episode.

“Alright, how do you slow this thing down…” “You work faster?” – Mike and airline baggage handler, Dirty Jobs, “Cave Digger” episode.

I’ve created what I believe to be an acceptable cavity. – Mike, Dirty Jobs, “Marine Mammal Rescue” episode.

I’m trying to make a show here, and my producer’s business is falling out of his trousers. – Mike, Dirty Jobs, “Logging” episode

That’s great, you’re Captain Comedy. On the Good Ship Anguish. – Mike, Dirty Jobs, “Shrimping” episode

You may be tough, Captain, but if my mother sees this, she’s going to track you down. And kick your pirate ass. – Mike, “Shrimping” episode

I can’t identify the odor…. It’s not crap… Which I’m familiar with.. – Mike, “Ostrich” episode

“We’re gunna get you dirty though.” “I’m dirty enough.” “Na.” “I’m dirty on the inside.” – Unknown and Mike, Dirty Jobs, Unknown episode

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