Once in a while..

I hate Comcast with a passion and hate their commercials with a visceral passion. However – there is one exception. They have a series of commercials for their kid’s shows on demand. Basically it’s a number of commercials set in corporate settings (lobbies, cube farms, that sort of things) and the kids (probably about eight to ten years old) are all dressed in corporate fashion – pant/skirt suits, button up shirts, slacks, etc. The cubes and such are all scaled down to kid size.

Girl is standing in a lobby talking to the receptionist, also female. Receptionist says, “So, what are you doing this weekend?” Girl says, “Watching a little Bob the Builder…” This boy is getting off the elevator and says, “I’m a big fan of the Can-Do crew myself.” The girl stares off to the side awkwardly and the receptionist looks at her. Girl says, “Want to come watch with me?” Boy says, “I’m free.” Girl stares even more blatantly. Receptionist says, “No, I’ve got a birthday thing.”

Chubby boss looking boy in suspenders walks up to a cube with a kinda nerdy looking boy in a button up shirt. “So, you were out yesterday.” “Yea, I had a little throat thing…” Boss stares at him for a minute then walks away. Girl pops up from the next cube over and says, “You were watching Blue’s Clues weren’t you.” “Yea, caught the Mailtime show like eight times…” Then the boss kid walks by the other way and does the two-fingers-pointing-at-his-eyes-then-at-the-kid I’m-watching-you gesture.

I think you have to see it to really get the humor. Something about scaled down corporate with kids in the same bullshit situations we have to deal with on a daily basis is somewhat entertaining.

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