iPhone fu: This is ridiculous, but here's how to do it.

I’m not sure how many of you have iPhones and of that group how many of you use the calendars. The iPhone arbitrarily chooses between one of five colours to identify each calendar in the application when syncing. There is only one way to work around this, as far as I have managed to determine yet anyway.

Sync the calendars one at a time in order of the choices of the iCal app on the phone. i.e. Choose the first one, sync. Then choose the second one, sync. Etc.

The magic order is: red, orange, blue, green, purple.

I had to create an empty “Hold” calendar to take up one of the early colours because I use blue and green for my primary calendars and don’t want to sync extraneous calendars to the phone just so I can use the correct colours for those two.

The colours repeat when you’re done as far as I know. So if it’s absolutely necessary and you will end up with repeat colours anyway, plan ahead and sync in order.

Once the original individual syncing process is complete, it will retain the colours.

Important note: I did, however, figure out the annoying way, that if you unsync the first two with the idea of getting blue and green and only having two calendars on your phone… It’ll reassign the colours to red and orange.

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  1. If you create your calender in ical, you can use custom colors for your calenders, if you then sync your phone, it will retain those colors. : )

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