Hornet in bed.

The cat was in my room last night. She’s not supposed to be there, my allergies have gotten bad enough that any fur on the bed can aggravate it quite severely. But, she manages to get under the bed, far out of reach, and wait it out until long after the door has been closed and then make her way around the room causing all sorts of annoying trouble, most of which involves making as much noise as possible.

Last night, she found something fun to toss around and chucked it up onto the bed, which if course woke me up. She dashed off before I was able to catch her, but she woke me up enough that I decided on a visit to the loo. While within, I felt something on my arm and brushed it off. It fluttered across the room and started drunkenly walking it’s yellow and black striped butt up the door.

Given the situation, I had to sit and watch it for a couple of minutes. A harrowing couple of minutes hoping the thing would continue it’s slow wobbly trek to the ceiling.

It did, I found a box to smack it, everything was well again.

However, I then spent next 4 hours convinced that any little irritation on my skin was another hornet. Good times.

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