Let blogs gone be blogs gone..?

And this is one blog that seems to have gone.

Life really provides more than enough bollocks to fill a million existences worth of blogs. I have endless text files with tiny phrases and short sentences referencing some random observation of serious events and some nutter thing that happened as I walked by. My email drafts folder ended up loaded with more confusion than my inbox ever did – it did make for excellent quick note taking in the time before iPhones and millions of synchronising note programs. It usually took having 8 text files open and unsaved and an overloaded draft folder for me to run through a stream of backdated posts filled with insight, wisdom and hilarity. Or bollocks. Or both.

My joining Twitter seems to have put a halt to it. The note with with the contents of whatever fleeting thought or observation that eventually moved here… Twitter has become the tangential stream of consciousness I describe it as, and what my blog once was.

I’ve given consideration to a resolution. I will not only tweet links to my blog posts. I will not blog posts consisting only of tweets. The only answer ends up involving some redundancy. Which, if I have any intention of blogging again, is unavoidable. So, this is therefore the plan.

Anyway, it’s probably much simpler than trying to keep the world under 140 characters.

Incidentally, you’d think Twitter would have taught the world to be more concise. Evidently not. People still don’t shut up.

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