Damn, it’s been a while.

This seems to occur in a fairly consistent rotation: Blog for a while, stop for a while, try to come up with some transitional post, repeat. The stopping for a while often does not have an obvious cause. This time, …


Let blogs gone be blogs gone..?

And this is one blog that seems to have gone.

Life really provides more than enough bollocks to fill a million existences worth of blogs. I have endless text files with tiny phrases and short sentences referencing some random observation …


Follow your film.

I’m going through photos people have taken.

It doesn’t seem to be the case with random scenery photos, just when it’s more deliberate photos taken by the type of person who won’t walk anywhere without a camera in hand – …


It's time.

I’ve decided on a list of goals for the next couple of months.

– Work on learning Spanish and German.
– Work on learning Python and C#.
– Update my resume and get it posted.
– Continue eating healthier.

Continue …


Four is more than enough for a group.

And a group with the same goal is all that is necessary to have a support group.

Four of us decided to try to lose 10 lbs in the next 4 weeks. There isn’t a prize and nothing bad happens …


Completely random.

Cream of Wheat and Earl Grey Green tea, followed by Stride spearmint gum. The burps taste like Froot Loops.

I haven’t had Froot Loops in years.…

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