What goes down, won't come up.

Every time I use the restroom at my school, or anywhere with the auto-flushing toilets for that matter, I’m always glad when everything that was in my pockets is still in my pockets. I’m watching it flush with the momentary power of a tiny black hole, and thinking, “Wow. It’s a good thing that the … Continue reading »


Passing thought.

Laughter sounds the same in every language.


Up to date and accidental resolutions.

This post refers to a website no longer available for viewing. So begins the current posts. Everything I never finished in the past year or so has been so and posted accordingly. I wanted to get all of that done before starting in on posting anything new… Just seemed like the thing to do. All … Continue reading »


And then one day…

I’m doing better in college at the moment than I have in my entire college career. Literally. I earned two 4.0’s (A’s or 100%’s for those of you using different grading systems), which is something that I’ve definitely never done in college, as well as a 3.67, two 3.33’s, and one 2.33. Music Theory I … Continue reading »


Battlefield God.

My friend Matt instant-messaged me a link this morning. It was to a site called Battleground God. The tagline is, “Can your beliefs about religion make it across our intellectual battleground?” It’s a series of questions who’s scores are not related to a right or wrong answer, they’re determined based on whether or not it’s … Continue reading »


Adventures in the big city.

I wonder if I’m the only person in Detroit who still looks when something drives by with a siren on. I’m not sure if that part of growing up in Rural Countryville will ever be adapted out of me. It’s tied in, though, with some inane fear that they’re coming for me and I don’t … Continue reading »

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