#N Questions with #linux – PeterB at the top of his game.

LonEagle: holy crap I’m bored
Kattni: we can play 20 questions
Kattni: I have something in mind
Bill C: boobs.
Adam M: heh
Kattni: No, that’s you.
Bill C: damn.
Adam M: that’s most guys.
LonEagle: is it mineral?
Kattni: no.
Bill C: is it boobs?
LonEagle: is it alive?
cbaoth: Is it round?
Kattni: no, yes, no.
Adam M: dog
Kattni: no
Zachary: Sexier than a bread-box?
cbaoth: Aww… not boobs.
Kattni: Zachary, no…
Bill C: I know, it’s boobs!
Zachary: Could Peter put his penis in it?
Kattni: Gah.. probably.
Kattni: but that’s a lot of things
Zachary: It’s a kitten.
Kattni: nope.
LonEagle: Kattni, is it human?
Kattni: nope.
LonEagle: Kattni, is it an animal?
Kattni: yes.
Adam M: fish.
LonEagle: Kattni, vertebrate?
Kattni: Adam M, no, LonEagle, yes.
LonEagle: Kattni, mammal?
Kattni: yes.
Adam M: squirrel?
Kattni: no.
Adam M: rabbit?
Kattni: no.
Adam M: human?
Kattni: no.
LonEagle: Kattni, bigger than a bread-box?
Kattni: that was asked already silly.
Adam M: Peter?
Adam M: hehe.
Kattni: LonEagle, hrm. maybe by a little.
Adam M: raccoon?
Kattni: no.
Adam M: possum.
Kattni: no.
Adam M: deer.
Kattni: no.
LonEagle: Kattni, occurs in north america?
Adam M: elk.
Bill C: is it a rodent?
LonEagle: naturally.
Kattni: LonEagle, shit. lemme check.
Kattni: lol.
Adam M: camel?
LonEagle: Kattni, where do you live? : P
Peter B: moose?
Kattni: LonEagle, yes it occurs in NA.
JohnF: Peter, a /little/ bigger than a bread box.
Adam M: wolverine.
Peter B: it could be a really small moose.
JohnF: man, you must have some monster fucking loaves in London Town.
Kattni: rol. ahaha.
JohnF: good thing I’m home.
* JohnF resumes working.
Peter B: a loaf of bread the size of an elk.
LonEagle: Kattni, does it have claws?
Kattni: yep.
Adam M: beaver.
Kattni: no.
Adam M: weasel.
Kattni: no.
Adam M: otter.
Peter B: ferret.
Kattni: Adam M, win. Sea otter.
LonEagle: Kattni, yarr.
Adam M: whoo.
Kattni: LonEagle, aww. : (
LonEagle: I lose.
Peter B: I think you could fit a sea otter in a bread-bin.
Adam M: uh. no. otter is fairly good sized.
Kattni: Peter, they are a big bigger than that.
Peter B: we have a pretty big bread-bins.
Kattni: lol. Well. You’re fucking weird.
LonEagle: I was thinking badger.
Peter B: obviously he’d have to wrap his tail up. a fully-stretched otter would fit.
Kattni: ok I have another one.
JohnF: Kattni, so quick to judge?
Peter B: but then again, a fully-stretched cat wouldn’t fit.
Adam M: animal?
Kattni: no.
Adam M: plant?
Kattni: no.
Peter B: cooter?
Kattni: no.
Adam M: metal?
Kattni: no.
Peter B: minaral? er.
Kattni: no.
Peter B: mineral?
Kattni: not that either.
Adam M: air?
Kattni: no.
Peter B: um. it must be one of animal/vegetable/mineral.
Kattni: hrm. well.
Peter B: those are the only three things allowed.
Adam M: bigger than Peter’s butt?
Kattni: Ok, I guess it’s either made of veg or synthesised by humans.
Peter B: tofu?
Kattni: no.
LonEagle: Kattni, then it’s mineral or something.
Kattni: ok solly : (
Adam M: miniwheats?
LonEagle: Kattni, if it was like, a plastic bag, it would be mineral. if it were, like, crisco, that’s vegetable.
Kattni: well it can be made of more than one type of thing.
Peter B: !g animal vegetable mineral
Willow: URL: http://www.modestypanel.com/whatisit/
Willow: Title: Animal Vegetable Mineral Quiz
Peter B: sushi?
Kattni: no.
Adam M: pizza?
Peter B: bull semen?
Kattni: no, no.
Peter B: dog semen?
Kattni: no. Peter, stfu.
Peter B: goat semen?
Kattni: it’s not semen of any kind. lol.
Peter B: any kind of semen? doh.
Adam M: will it kill Peter?
Peter B: well I have no idea then.
Kattni: it could if you tried.
Peter B: if it’s not semen… I just dunno.
Adam M: edible?
Kattni: no.
Peter B: wearable?
Kattni: no.
Peter B: fuckable?
Adam M: wood?
Peter B: morning wood?
Kattni: maybe, can be, and no.
Adam M: I hate you Peter.
Peter B: rol. rubber?
Kattni: no.
Adam M: shoe?
Kattni: no.
Peter B: dog?
Kattni: no.
Peter B: elephant?
Kattni: Peter, it’s not an animal.
Peter B: ok. sheep?
Kattni: Anyone here have ops? lol
Peter B: are fish animals?
Kattni: Oh you’re already voiced. Gee I wonder why.
Adam M: bigger than a bread-box?
Kattni: Adam M, no. Peter, it’s not alive in any way.
Peter B: smaller than a bread-box?
Kattni: no.
Kattni: yea.
Peter B: rol.
Kattni: I’m such an asshole. aahaha. ok ok.
Adam M: ring?
Kattni: Adam M, I was serious.
Adam M: gah
Kattni: I was thinking bread-box.
Peter B: our bread-box is made of metal.
Adam M: I’m thinking of something.
Kattni: well they can be plastic or wood or whatever. which is why it was tough. oh bogo gets to go this time, fine then. I liked being the pwner. ok um… is it animal.
Adam M: yes.
Kattni: furry. that is a question. does it have fur.
Adam M: yes.
Kattni: does it have hooves.
Adam M: no.
Kattni: does it have claws.
Adam M: yes.
Kattni: does it live in water.
Peter B: The royal family are having dinner, and they’re playing twenty questions, and Camilla is thinking of a black man’s cock. So Prince Phillip asks, “Is it bigger than a bread box,” and Camilla says, “Yes.” Prince Charles says, “Can I put it in my mouth?” Camilla: “Yes.” Then the Queen says, “Is it a black man’s cock?”
Kattni: lol. Peter, what is wrong with you.
Peter B: LOBSTER. it’s a joke from the office.
Adam M: No, Peter.
Peter B: (the uk office).
Commodore64: ROFL
Kattni: Adam M, does it live in water.
Commodore64: haha.
Adam M: it lives near water.
Peter B: hm. CRAB?
Adam M: spends time in it.
Kattni: hrm.
Peter B: seagull? puffin? seal?
Adam M: but not aquatic. No, Peter.
Peter B: sea lion?
Adam M: No, Peter.
Peter B: mermaid?
JohnF: wtf is this, #20 questions.
Adam M: no.
Kattni: yea.
Adam M: yes.
Kattni: John, yea.
JohnF: it’s supposed to be #bitter, god damn it.
Peter B: sea otter?
Kattni: lol.
Adam M: No, Peter.
Peter B: river otter?
Kattni: does it eat veg or meat.
Adam M: No, Peter
Kattni: er.
Kattni: does it eat veg.
Adam M: lemme check Kattni.
Kattni: k.
Peter B: is it bigger than a breadbox?
Kattni: poor JohnF.
* Kattni gives JohnF snuggles.
Peter B: JohnF, bitter about what? Adam M, is it bull semen?
Adam M: Kattni, omnivore.
Kattni: k.
Peter B: is it a goat?
Adam M: Peter nothing you ever guess will be correct.
Peter B: :((((
Adam M: Kattni, correction. its a carnivore.
Kattni: ok.
Peter B: stoat? ferret?
Kattni: does it walk on 4 legs.
Peter B: weasel?
Adam M: Kattni, 4 legs.
Kattni: does it have a tail.
Adam M: yes.
Kattni: does it move in herds.
Peter B: everything has a tail more or less.
JohnF: Peter, bitter about everything.
Adam M: no herds.
Peter B: JohnF, any particular reason?
Kattni: packs?
Adam M: no packs.
JohnF: Peter, just how it is.
Kattni: does it move in a group of any sort.
Adam M: no. well. family. while kids grow.
Peter B: is it a vole?
Kattni: is it apes.
Adam M: No, Peter.
Adam M: Kattni, no.
Adam M: (apes have no tails)
Kattni: oh true.
Kattni: is it monkeys.
Adam M: nope.
Peter B: they have vestigial tails.
Kattni: is it a rain forest animal.
Adam M: this is a semi aquatic furry animal with a tail and claws that is a carnivore.
Adam M: not the habitat for this animal.
Kattni: no
Adam M: Brian is right.
Kattni: wow.
Adam M: heh, it’s one of my favorite animals.
Kattni: that’s why I like being the one with the idea.
Kattni: hehe.
Peter B: ok I have one.
Adam M: Peter, is it semen?
Peter B: DING
Kattni: lol
Peter B: but what kind of semen?
Brian P: bull.
Adam M: bull.
Peter B: DING.
Kattni: wow.
Peter B: damn. you guys are good.
Adam M: i feel dirty.
Peter B: ok lol.
Adam M: Peter has soiled me.
Peter B: I have another one. A proper one this time.
Adam M: is it a goat?
Brian P: Andrei Shevchenko.
Peter B: no.
Peter B: no.
Kattni: semen.
Adam M: is it animal?
Peter B: it is not any kind of semen.
Kattni: wow.
Kattni: Then you are not Peter.
Brian P: john terry tied up on your bed?
Peter B: it is an animal byproduct, but not quite animal.
Brian P: bullshit.
Adam M: is it the male nurse that Peter lusts after?
Peter B: no, no.
Kattni: Brian, lol.
Adam M: Peter, feces?
Peter B: no.
Adam M: urine?
Kattni: blood.
Peter B: no.
Peter B: no.
Adam M: eggs?
Peter B: no.
Kattni: placenta.
Peter B: lol no.
Kattni: hehe.
Adam M: fur.
Peter B: no.
Kattni: skin.
Peter B: no.
Adam M: kidney.
Peter B: no.
Adam M: is it a part of an animal?
Kattni: black man’s cock.
Peter B: no.
Peter B: lol.
Peter B: no.
Adam M: meat?
Peter B: no.
Adam M: is it the horse cawk that Peter sucks?
Peter B: no.
Adam M: is it edible?
Peter B: yes.
Adam M: yeast.
Peter B: no.
Adam M: caviar.
Peter B: no, but close.
Adam M: roe?
Peter B: no.
Adam M: pate.
Peter B: no.
Adam M: lutefisk.
Peter B: eeew no.
Peter B: you’ll never get it.
Peter B: especially not just by randomly guessing.
Adam M: is it a water animal thing?
Peter B: no.
Kattni: gefilte fish.
Peter B: no.
Adam M: is it a mammalian byproduct?
Collin: sweat.
Collin: hair.
Collin: methane.
Peter B: Adam M, yes.
Peter B: Collin, no, no, no.
Adam M: is it something most people eat?
Peter B: no.
Collin: is it solid?
Peter B: Collin, somewhat.
Adam M: is it something we call you a sicko for eating?
Peter B: Adam M, yes.
Kattni: vomit.
Adam M: vegemite? marmite?
Peter B: Kattni, nearly
Peter B: Adam M, no
Kattni: nearly?
Peter B: nearly.
Adam M: blood pudding.
Kattni: snot.
Peter B: it’s dog vomit.
Brian P: fois gras?
Kattni: oh.
Kattni: well i win then.
Brian P: I was closest!
Peter B: yes.
Peter B: no, Kattni was.
Adam M: Peter, your a sicko.
Peter B: rol.
Adam M: why the hell would you eat dog vomit.
Peter B: dogs eat it.
Kattni: luckily.
Kattni: means i don’t have to clean it up.
Kattni: it’s gross but still.
Brian P: good enough for dog, it’s good enough for Peter.
Kattni: ew.
Peter B: nothx.
boskone: Kattni, they usually puke puke back up, though, don’t they?
Adam M: Brian P, wonder if he likes it more than the semen.
Kattni: boskone, na.
Brian P: oh god.
Kattni: unless he was going to anyway.
Adam M: i have something in mind.
Peter B: biokatt’s turn.
Kattni: ooh.
Adam M: fine.
Kattni: so wait only veg/min/ani allowed?
Peter B: as biokatt got the vomit.
Adam M: i’ll keep it for my next turn.
Adam M: ok.
Kattni: so wait only veg/min/ani allowed? poke.
Adam M: Kattni, just pick something thats mostly identifiable as one of those.
Kattni: oki.
Kattni: gimme a sec here.
Peter B: try not to use a bodily fluid.
Peter B: I know the temptation to do so is great.
Peter B: it’s all I can do to avoid picking bull semen next time.
Kattni: it is. that’s why it is taking me a while.
Adam M: only for you Peter.
Kattni: ok.
Kattni: got it.
Adam M: animal?
Kattni: no.
Adam M: vegetable?
Kattni: no.
Adam M: is it metal?
Kattni: no.
Adam M: is it glass?
Kattni: no.
Collin: solid?
Kattni: yes.
Adam M: is it bigger than a breadbox?
Peter B: fyi, the bull semen fixation is in honour of spacemoose.
Peter B: http://www.hackcanada.com/canadian/zines/spacemoose/millennium.html
Willow: Title: Millennium Moose
Kattni: Adam M, not really.
Kattni: so no.
Peter B: notice the canister in the second panel.
Peter B: Kattni, can you stick it in your mouth?
Kattni: Peter, if you wanted to.
Peter B: Is it an ice lolly?
Kattni: no.
Adam M: Peter, Jackass 2 drinking semen scene.
Adam M: Kattni, is it edible?
Peter B: Adam M, what the fuck? what kind of semen?
Kattni: Adam M, no.
Adam M: Peter, go watch, you sicko.
Adam M: Kattni, is it rubber?
Kattni: no.
Peter B: is it gum?
Kattni: no.
Peter B: toothpaste?
Kattni: no.
Peter B: anusol?
Collin: wood?
Kattni: no, no.
Peter B: erectile tissue?
Kattni: no.
Adam M: Kattni, is it heavy?
Kattni: no.
Collin: does it bounce?
Kattni: no.
Adam M: is it wood?
Kattni: no.
Kattni: Collin, already asked that Adam.
Kattni: heh.
Collin: is it cube-shaped?
Peter B: is it ice?
Kattni: no.
Kattni: no.
Collin: is it a cylinder?
Kattni: no.
Collin: is it a sphere?
Peter B: is it manmade?
Kattni: no.
Kattni: yes.
Collin: can opener?
Collin: heh.
Kattni: no.
Kattni: heh.
Peter B: does it have a mechanism?
Adam M: is it a computer?
Kattni: no, no.
JohnF: openwrt?
Kattni: no.
Collin: is it made of a single object?
Kattni: um.
Kattni: yea.
adx: openwrt for life!
Peter B: is it steel?
Kattni: no.
Rhinox: is it a tumor?
Kattni: no.
Adam M: is it a book.
Kattni: lol.
Kattni: no
Peter B: it’s naaht a tumah
Brian P: is it gay?
Kattni: no.
Collin: is it shiny?
JohnF: Rhinox, it’s not a tumour.
Peter B: is pang a homosexual?
Kattni: Collin, not really. no.
JohnF: Peter, still hopeful eh.
Peter B: is it leather?
Kattni: no.
Peter B: is it denser than water?
Kattni: ohrm.
Brian P: sorta water?
Kattni: it would probably float.
Brian P: IT’S A TURD
Kattni: no.
Peter B: rol.
Collin: is it hollow?
Kattni: no.
Collin: styrofoam?
Kattni: no.
Collin: cardboard?
Peter B: is it of uniform composition?
Kattni: no.
Kattni: yes.
Kattni: i think.
Kattni: i don’t know what you mean by that.
Kattni: it’s made of one type of thing.
Peter B: is it metallic?
Brian P: is it a dildo?
Kattni: no.
Kattni: no.
Brian P: a rabbit?
Kattni: no.
Kattni: lol.
Peter B: well I mean is it a bulk substance like rubber of steel or brass or something.
Kattni: no.
Kattni: it is not a bulk substance.
Peter B: as opposed to something like a pencil which is made of wood and graphite.
Adam M: is it manmade?
Kattni: yea.
Collin: does it contain metal?
Kattni: no.
Collin: does it contain wood?
Kattni: no.
Peter B: does it contain plastic?
Collin: hmm.
Kattni: yes.
Peter B: is it entirely plastic?
Collin: soda bottle?
Kattni: yes, no.
Peter B: turkey baster?
Kattni: no.
Peter B: as used for artificial insemination?
Kattni: no.
Brian P: lol.
Brian P: a disposable chopstick.
Kattni: no.
Amit: Is it made of HPET? :p
Kattni: no?
Amit: er, HDPE.
Peter B: is it semen-related?
Kattni: no.
Peter B: hrrm.
Peter B: that’s me all out of ideas then.
Kattni: again.
Brian P: that’s Peter fucked.
Amit: saran wrap.
Kattni: no.
Collin: is it a toy?
Kattni: no.
Collin: kitchen tool?
Kattni: no.
Brian P: is it an implement?
Amit: Is it a household item?
Kattni: hrm.
Kattni: no, and can be.
Adam M: ice scraper?
Kattni: no.
Peter B: toilet plunger?
Kattni: no.
JohnF: it occurs to me that we’re well past 20 questions.
Peter B: yes.
Kattni: i know.
Peter B: I give up.
Adam M: i give up.
Kattni: it turned into N Questions a long time ago.
Peter B: oh wait.
Kattni: really?
Peter B: is it a bull wanker?
Kattni: no.
Kattni: omg.
Adam M: i give in.
Kattni: really give up?
Adam M: yeah.
Kattni: velcro.
Peter B: yes.
Peter B: wtf.
Adam M: heh.
Kattni: lol.
Peter B: velcro.
Adam M: hahahahahahahahaha.
JohnF: you said no to is it man made.
Peter B: you can’t eat velcro.
Peter B: no she didn’t.
Kattni: no i didn’t.
Kattni: i said yes twice in fact.
Adam M: no she said yes to man made.
Peter B: twice.
Adam M: ok.
Kattni: i also didn’t say you could eat it, i said you could put it in your mouth.
Kattni: and you asked, Peter.
Kattni: and you probably put everything in your mouth.
Adam M: does she go again or do i go?
Peter B: rol.
Peter B: as you’re desperate to go you can go.
Collin: you said it was entirely plastic.
Collin: velcro isn’t all plastic.
Peter B: yes it is isn’t it?
JohnF: Collin, what else is it made of.
Collin: no it isn’t.
JohnF: fucking fairy dust?
Collin: it’s plastic hooks on cloth.
Peter B: Plastic cloth.
Collin: and the other half is cloth.
JohnF: the ‘cloth’ is also plastic.
Kattni: not the industrial strength shit i got here.
Peter B: Adam M, is it bigger than a bread-bin?
Amit: it’s not plastic, I think it’s synthetic fibers.
Adam M: Peter, yes.
Collin: indeed. not plastic.
Peter B: Adam M, can I stick it in my mouth?
boskone: depends on the specific velcro.
Adam M: Peter, you could stick part of it in your mouth.
Brian P: or his anus?
Collin: but it’s not common enough to attribute a yes to that, in my opinion.
Adam M: or into his anus.
Peter B: Adam M, would I want to?
Collin: but anyway.
Adam M: Peter, you might.
Peter B: rol.
Peter B: is it an animal?
Brian P: gerbil!
Adam M: Peter, yes.
Peter B: elephant’s trunk.
Adam M: Brian P: bigger than a bread-box.
Brian P: Peter, you would?
Peter B: rol.
Amit: ‘Hook and loop fasteners consist of two layers: a ‘hook’ side, which is a piece of fabric covered with tiny plastic hooks, and a ‘loop’ side, which is covered with even smaller and ‘hairier’ plastic loops. ‘
Adam M: Peter, no.
Peter B: is it a mammal?
Adam M: yes.
Amit: I guess it _is_ plastic.
Peter B: is it bigger than a car?
Amit: ungulate?
Adam M: some of them can be bigger.
Peter B: is it a black man’s cock?
Collin: Amit, piece of fabric.
Amit: ok ok.
Amit: nylon.
Amit: :p
Peter B: Collin, plastic fabric.
Adam M: Amit, yes.
Peter B: is it a horse?
Peter B: is it a camel?
boskone: Collin, that’s not necessarily true; I have a piece of velcro here that doesn’t use fabric as a backing. :p
Peter B: is it a rhino?
Peter B: is it a hippo?
Brian P: a buffalo.
Collin: boskone, and I have some that does. :þ
Brian P: caribou!
Collin: so a ‘yes’ is still inaccurate : )
Peter B: is it a giraffe?
Adam M: Peter, kind of horse.
Peter B: is it a reindeer?
Kattni: shit dude it’s hailing too.
Peter B: is it a zebra?
Peter B: is it a donkey?
Peter B: is it a mule?
Amit: Is it a pony?
Amit: :p
Collin: antelope.
Adam M: horse.
Adam M: not a pony.
boskone: Collin, No, it isn’t; a significant portion of the time, velcro is all-plastic.
Adam M: not a zebra.
JohnF: bbl, food retrieval!
Peter B: are you wanting a specific kind of horse?
Adam M: yes.
Brian P: A Budweiser Clydesdale?
Amit: arabian horse?
Peter B: well you can fuck off then.
Adam M: Brian P, no.
Adam M: Amit, yes
Collin: appalachian. drat.
Peter B: I only know of ‘shetland pony’ and ‘shire horses’.
Adam M: Peter, you r lame.
Peter B: horses scare me.
Adam M: heh.
Brian P: arabs are class horses.
Peter B: donkeys rule though.

Automatic response that shouldn’t be.

My mom follows the rules of the road to the letter. Somewhere past the letter even. The type that drives between 49 and 54mph in the 55mph zone.

And yet, everytime a cop drives by or she passes one she slows down. Uses the brakes even.



I just turned on the tv.  The cable is still don Cartoon Network from watching Adult Swim last night.  It’s 4:20 pm.  There’s a show called “Ben 10” on.  And it’s in the middle of a Pamprin commercial.

I think someone missed the target audience here.

Questions sometimes better left unasked…

My class the other night, girl’s mobile rings, call as follows:

“No, he’s not here right now.”

“Ok, where are you?”

“Outside is a good place to be.”

“Where did you smell the gas?”

“Did you open the windows?”

“Where were you.”

“Ok, was it in the upstairs part of the house or just in the bottom part.”

“Ok, well now long were you breathing the gas.”

“5 minutes, 2 minutes…”

“So what do you have, you have a headache?”

“Okay, well I have to go, class is starting. Just open the windows and stay outside and give it 20 minutes.”

“Okay, feel better.”

I didn’t ask.