Enterprise never saw it coming.

I just realised, almost too late, that I jumped into the middle of the Star Trek Enterprise Viewer’s Marathon. “Coming up next, another episode of Enterprise.” It shows a clip of the appropriate captain…. And it takes a couple of seconds to realise that it is Star Trek Voyager airing, not Enterprise. A few theories. … Continue reading »


Raising the bell.

TNT’s Raising the Bar is the new thing from award winning producer Steven Bochco. Hailed as a “powerful new legal drama”, the trailer provides a scantily clad office tart, a jailed hippie, a completely out-of-sequence naked woman, and a lot of unnecessary and unlikely yelling in the courtroom. Sex. Betrayal. Justice. You’ve got an overzealous, … Continue reading »


Star Trek Enterprise Viewer's Choice Marathon.

Really..? There are viewers?


Blame Comedy Central! Blame Comedy Central!

I’m watching South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut on the Comedy Central Secret Stash, which means in it’s full obscene glory. And of course including Blame Canada and World War III. And there’s a commercial for tourism in Ontario. AAHHAHAHA!!


TV Quotes

“It’s hot in here.” “Sure it’s hot. It’s an incinerator, genius.” – Doug, camera man, and Mike – Dirty Jobs, “Cave Digger” episode “I think it’d be very easy for a guy of your knowledge and depth to run this machine and help us tunnel!” “Have you seen the show?” – John, Napa Valley, and … Continue reading »