Things that go bark in the night.

So we’re sitting around earlier tonight and there’s some strange noises outside but it was decided that it was probably a snow mobile. I had the window open because it was stuffy in here. So about an hour passes and suddenly there’s a loud noise outside. At first it was just a single eerie scream. … Continue reading »


I just wanted cake.

I felt like hell yesterday. When I woke up this morning, there was white stuff on my tonsils. Great. I went to the store this evening with the intention of buying some essentials. I came home with a case of Slimfast and 6 boxes of cake mix. I made one of the Angel Food cakes… … Continue reading »


The new addition comes home.

Well, she’s home. And the sweetest little puppy ever. When she got inside, she immediately grabbed one of her toys and started chewing on it. Not entirely sure what to make of it, but she got many pets and hugs and treats for that. She doesn’t make much noise. I got her a kennel to … Continue reading »


A new addition to the family.

It was decided that the new pet of the house was to be a dog. The Michigan Humane Society actually had a pretty well put together site with photos and descriptions, but I had no way of knowing how up to date it was, as well as the fact that the site is for the … Continue reading »


Farewell to Branna.

I came home today and she could hardly move. I took her to the vet again. He said that the probable possibility was kidney failure. It was the only explanation that made sense, considering she’d had such a healthy appearance all along, and then went so abruptly downhill. But even that sort of baffled him. … Continue reading »


Muffin love.

I felt really bad separating the ferrets. I got Bran first… and then my roommate got one. She was dubbed the “little sister.” Though they were from the same breeder, the likelihood of them actually being related is pretty much non-existant, but she was younger and smaller, so therefore considered “little.” At least she was … Continue reading »

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