Things that go bark in the night.

So we’re sitting around earlier tonight and there’s some strange noises outside but it was decided that it was probably a snow mobile. I had the window open because it was stuffy in here.

So about an hour passes and suddenly there’s a loud noise outside. At first it was just a single eerie scream. Then many eerie screams combined with barking. It was a slow realisation that it was a pack of coyotes. Then there was some sort of shrieking of whatever animal the pack had managed to catch. My dog went absolutely nuts. It was super late and she was barking really loudly. I had to close the window so she wouldn’t wake up my parents.

It was very strange.

I just wanted cake.

I felt like hell yesterday. When I woke up this morning, there was white stuff on my tonsils. Great.

I went to the store this evening with the intention of buying some essentials. I came home with a case of Slimfast and 6 boxes of cake mix.

I made one of the Angel Food cakes… An hour after finishing it, which mind you was more effort than I had energy, there was a crash in the kitchen. My dog had managed to eat most of the cake before crashing the plate to the floor and making herself known.

That’s my cue to go to sleep.

Oh. And the white stuff on my tonsils is spreading.

The new addition comes home.

Well, she’s home. And the sweetest little puppy ever. When she got inside, she immediately grabbed one of her toys and started chewing on it. Not entirely sure what to make of it, but she got many pets and hugs and treats for that. She doesn’t make much noise. I got her a kennel to stay in when we’re not home, it’s really very large compared to her, but that was the plan. Plenty of room for her in it. I can’t feed her until tomorrow morning because of the surgery. They said she might still be somewhat sedated from the anesthetics. I’m hoping she doesn’t come out of it and turn out to be a rampaging psycho. At the moment, she wants nothing more than to be near me in some way. As long as she’s next to me and I’m petting her, she couldn’t be happier. It seems like she’s going to fit in just fine. She even came when I whistled to her. She’s definitely not rottweiler/german shepard. She has lab in her. And most likely greyhound. Like I said, she’s too sleek for either of the first two really. She’s very pretty though. Kinda goofy looking sometimes.

Her name is Aislin Cliodhna. (That’s ash-lynn klee-oo-na for the non-Gaelic speaking folks out there.) Aislin for short. It fits her perfectly.

A new addition to the family.

It was decided that the new pet of the house was to be a dog. The Michigan Humane Society actually had a pretty well put together site with photos and descriptions, but I had no way of knowing how up to date it was, as well as the fact that the site is for the whole state, and there’s three or four shelters in all. I went to the main shelter in Detroit.

Apparently I’ve been spoiled until now in terms of animal shelters. My parents and I have rescued a few cats, and the shelter near my parents house is really nice. The whole thing is very open and very clean. The area with the animal cages has skylights. They have a bunch of rooms down a couple of hallways where you can take your animal to see how you get along with it. Detroit shelter… Not so much.

There were about 20 people and a few animals crammed into the lobby area. People were either dropping off animals or picking them up. One woman spent the whole time justifying to everyone who even glanced in her direction why she was dropping her cats off at the shelter. Getting the attention of any of the people working there was pretty much impossible. Someone finally said to go look at the dogs.

I had already decided that I wasn’t going to get a puppy. It’d be way too much work, and I’m in school right now. On top of that, puppies are twice the price of dogs over 4 months, because people always want puppies more than older dogs. So it worked out both ways in this instance. There weren’t very many dogs in there in the first place, and I already knew I couldn’t get a huge dog, so that eliminated a few right off the top. It was quickly narrowed down to three; a sandy coloured terrier mix, a lab/huskie mix and a rottweiler/german shepard mix. The latter of the three was entirely too sleek to be either of the two that they listed. She had been out for a walk when I’d first gotten there. I opened her cage to say hello, and she slowly pushed herself into my lap until her whole body was twisted sideways on top of my legs. She had the sweetest face. I was taken. I filled out the app and went through all the paperwork and such. I paid to have her microchipped… They do it for really cheap in an effort to keep animals with their owners.

She hasn’t yet been sterilised, so I can’t pick her up until next Tuesday morning. I went to the pet store and spent a ton of money on new puppy things. I haven’t picked out a name yet. Three days. Should be long enough. I’m super excited. I’m going to take the day off Tuesday so I can spend it with her.

Farewell to Branna.

I came home today and she could hardly move. I took her to the vet again. He said that the probable possibility was kidney failure. It was the only explanation that made sense, considering she’d had such a healthy appearance all along, and then went so abruptly downhill. But even that sort of baffled him. Kidney issues rarely show up in such a young ferret. He said he’d not seen a ferret that sick. And that there was nothing he could do. They could keep her, give her IV fluids, force feed her… Do bloodwork to verify what was wrong… But ferrets don’t have that much blood in the first place. And he didn’t think she would come through anyway. She would be miserable through all of it. Only to find out later that we’d have to euthanise her anyway…

So I did the only thing I could.

I can’t help but look at the situation. There was a point in time where she was the only reason I bothered to get out of bed. I had to feed her and take care of her and play with her. If I hadn’t had such responsibilities and priviledges, I wouldn’t have bothered to get up. I was depressed, sad, and she was what kept me going. She was there for me when I needed her. She kept me company on my miserable drive home from Florida. She helped me through the inital times at home, until things were settled, my life was ok, and I was happy again. Then she let go. I honestly can’t help but wonder if she just knew, in her own little ferret way, how important she was to me, and held on until she knew she didn’t need to anymore. Something hadn’t been right with her for a while.

It’s a kind of silly notion, I suppose. But I couldn’t help but let it cross my mind.

I love her dearly and will miss her terribly.

She meant the world to me and will never be forgotten.

Muffin love.

I felt really bad separating the ferrets. I got Bran first… and then my roommate got one. She was dubbed the “little sister.” Though they were from the same breeder, the likelihood of them actually being related is pretty much non-existant, but she was younger and smaller, so therefore considered “little.” At least she was the smallest. When I left for two week’s vacation, Bran quit eating (separation anxiety anyone?) and she was suddenly the smaller one. So who knows.

I had this image in my head of Bran spending the next however long after I moved looking for her sister… But she hasn’t looked at all. I had her for quite a while before getting the second one… So she’s sort of used to being by herself. Best explanation I can come up with anyway. You’d think, being that she’s a ferret, that she wouldn’t remember… that she’d be used to having another one around and be lonely without her. She’s doing wonderfully. I’m relieved. I was really worried about it… Thinking that I’d have to scramble to get a second one as soon as possible so she wouldn’t be sad… Especially considering that she’d already started eating less apparently due to stress… Still not sure about that one. I’m taking her up to the vet for a check up. And I started feeding her something called FerretVite, which is a high potency vitamin supplement, and she absolutely loves it. So that’s at least a somewhat good sign. She is eating. Just not near as much as she should be.

Through the whole trip up here, she was amazing. She didn’t go nuts at all being in the small cage for three days straight. I would let her out in the hotel rooms so she could have more room to play. The second night, she managed to find a tiny little hole that lead up underneath the heating/ac unit in the room, and fit her whole self in there. I didn’t realise she was gone at first, and I could only hear her, and even once I figured out where she was, it took me a while to find her. All I could see was her tiny little nose sticking out. I couldn’t get a hold on her to get her out. I was worried that I would have to try to figure out how to take the thing apart. I managed to coax her out with a treat. The mechanic from Tennessee kept asking me about her, how much they cost, what it took to keep them… He really liked her. Anyway, she kept me company the whole time, gave me something to think about and give love to while I was totally breaking down over everything going wrong. I think she was just as glad to be home as I was.

Even though something isn’t right, she’s still as sweet as can be. She sits in my lap and such when I’m around in my room. She plays just like she always did. I still plan to get a second one. There aren’t very many breeders in Michigan, or at least not advertised on the internet anyway. There aren’t even pet stores like there were in Orlando around here. So I couldn’t go get one from a pet store if I wanted to. We’ll see though. I’ll figure something out. First I need to get Bran figured out. Then I’ll move on from there.