Oh, context. Thine bitch thou dost so often make.

“A quick look at my search history makes it look like I’m a pederast planning to take a kid to EuroDisney and then get in his pants. Which is so not true. I’m going to take him to Cirque de …


Serving up competition.

Holy hell! “Gate Gourmet”. Not Skychef. Evidently it’s not a complete monopoly anymore.

Also I’m guessing the food quality is exactly the same.…


A cotton scarf by any other name…

I found this link in my Gmail web clip queue. I thought to myself, hm, this scarf looks an awful lot like another scarf I’ve seen.

It’s a jersey knit scarf. T-shirt material. 15$ or 85$. You tell me.

Not …


Hornet in bed.

The cat was in my room last night. She’s not supposed to be there, my allergies have gotten bad enough that any fur on the bed can aggravate it quite severely. But, she manages to get under the bed, far …



Evidently, there may have been a bear. Matt has provided some possible proof. It also may have pierced the boat. This issue could not be solved with a paddle. That is, of course, unless it was an exactly paddle sized …


Water always flows in a particular direction.

Something struck me last night about the phrase “up a creek without a paddle,” and strangely enough, one of my professors used it today in class.

The phrase is used as a euphemism for a situation that is less than …

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