Irony and luck.

And isn’t it ironic… Don’t you think..?

On the contrary, I in fact don’t think it’s ironic at all.

An old man wins the lottery and dies the next day, a bug in your wine, a death row pardon after the switch has been thrown, rain on your wedding day, paying for something and then finding out it was free, not taking good advice, a man with phobia of planes waits for the most important day of his life to fly on one and it crashes, a traffic jam when you’re already late, taking a smoke break in the no smoking section, meeting Mr. Right and then meeting his Mrs. Right…

All of this is, as a matter of fact… Mild to extreme bad luck.

Irony is the man being afraid of planes because his father, who he’d only seen a few times in his life, finally decided to hop a plane to come see him at the age of 15 to become a permenant part of his life, and the plane crashed and killed him. So, in the midst of already being screwed up in the head, things get worse through out life. He never flies anywhere on a plane. When he finally had a family of his own, he too, abandoned them. Then somewhere along the line he gets his shit together and decides to go back to them, and not letting go of his fears, he takes a bus. It crashes. He dies. That is situational irony, if there really is such a thing. And even that’s questionable and not a widely accepted usage of the word.

Irony is using words to mean the opposite of their actual meaning. An incongruity between the result that is expected of an action and what actually occurs. The use of a phrase marked by a deliberate contrast between apparent and indended meaning.

It’s a great song… but you’ll never listen to it again without thinking about this.

Get a hobby.

It has been for thousands of years, a common misconception that after death the hair and nails on the human body continue to grow. As it turns out, as the body decays, the skin begins to recede from nail beds and hair follicles, making it appear that the hair and nails are continuing to grow.

I was watching Resident Evil and somewhere towards the end of it, the computer is explaining something and starts the explanation off by stating that hair and nails continue to grow etc.

That movie was made last year. I mean, the whole premise behind the movie is far fetched, so I suppose they could have been taking artistic license. But movies like that are much scarier the more believable they are. So… who knows. Maybe they need to have more creative researchers. Or more creative writers.

Either way… my question is… Who sat around watching bodies decay long enough to decide that the hair and nails continued to grow. I mean… That’s been thought to be true for thousands of years… So I suppose that someone might not have had anything better to do.


Who sat around recently watching bodies decay long enough to realise that it was the decay making it look like things continued to grow.

Seek help.