Sam Grittner:
My phone just auto-corrected “I’m not trying to be a dick” into “I’m not trying to be a duck.” Even when my phone is wrong it’s right.

Kattni in reply to ↑

@SamGrittner Ouch. My phone ducks fuck. …


The most amazing fireworks I’ve ever seen.

Torello is a small village down the mountain from Ravello on the Amalfi Coast in Italy. Every third Sunday in September, there is a reconstruction of the first invasion of Pisani. The Virgin Mary is paraded around the village and …


Queue up and wait.

This one I’ll never get. Everyone will get on the plane. They’ll spend 10 minutes calling your name over even after everyone but you has boarded, before they close the door. And yet as soon as they call general boarding, …


On my way to Italy, a la Paris.

The flight out of Chicago was delayed. We were eventually informed that one piece of luggage needed to be removed from the belly of the plan because it’s passenger had not boarded. “They’re looking for, they have to find where …


Serving up competition.

Holy hell! “Gate Gourmet”. Not Skychef. Evidently it’s not a complete monopoly anymore.

Also I’m guessing the food quality is exactly the same.…


Again With The Italy, or What’s All This Then?

The power of circumstance has landed me in Italy again this year. Twenty-four days to last year’s ten. This is officially the longest trip on which I have ever embarked.

The clouds outside look like bubbling geysers of whipped cream.…

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