The best Valentine's day ever.

I ended up staying up until noon-thirty or something close to it, and took something to help me sleep. Nickie kept asking me what time I needed to go to sleep to be up at 5, but that didn’t end up happening. He wouldn’t tell me why I needed to wake up, only that I should dress up. I kept asking what we would do if I didn’t get up in time, but he said that it would be fine, that we could do it tomorrow, so I should sleep until I wasn’t tired anymore. I ended up sleeping really late and I got kind of upset when I thought that I was going to miss out on my surprise. It was already 9pm, but he called “the place” and they said they were seating until 11:30. I walked into the bathroom to get ready and turned on the light to see, and walked back out into the bedroom to get something and on my desk was a bouquet of roses, a little box and a card. Nickie had made the card for me, it had a key and a heart on the front. The box was a little heart shaped candy dish, sparkly red on the bottom and clear on the top with a bear on it and pink, red and white runts inside. I cried. I wasn’t really expecting anything for Valentine’s day… We aren’t doing so great right now, and I figured we’d just end up spending the evening together doing something nice… It caught me off guard. And it made me very happy.

Anyway… Rush rush rush, we managed to get ourselves ready to go. Nickie had said to dress up, and I didn’t have anything to wear. So I decided to go with cute and punky instead of nice, and wore a little school girl outfit. As it turns out, the surprise was the Cheesecake Factory. This is an upscale restaurant that has 30 different flavours of cheese cake as well as fabulous food. Anyway… We got there at about 10:30 and we were seated at about 11:30. During the time we waited, we looked through the menu and figured out what to order so there wasn’t any waiting once we sat down. We ordered an appetizer, which was fantastic, but neither of us could finish our dinners, let alone eat cheesecake. So we got our leftovers and a whole slice of cheesecake to go. Our server was great. I had her ask the manager if they could serve me alcohol at midnight, since it was my birthday, but the manager said no. Wasn’t a big deal or anything… I was drinking a super keen peach smoothie thing anyway. Tasted like real peaches!

At about 12:30, we finished up and headed home. We thought about trying to find someplace to go hang out for the rest of the being-out-able night. Our server suggested hitting a bar on the way home, and mentioned one, and coincidentally, I had remembered a couple of our friends mentioning that they were planning on going to the same bar. But we called them, and they had gone someplace else and Nickie didn’t know where that was. So we went home.

I was disappointed that I had forgotten my camera to take pictures while we were out to dinner. So when we got home, I started taking all sorts of pictures of Nickie and the flowers and the candies and so on, and Nickie took pics of me.

I had talked about wanting a pretty princess tiara to wear on my birthday, and Nickie promised me that we’d go looking for one tomorrow, but I decided we might as well go look for one now, since we had nothing better to do. And where do you look for anything at 6am? Walmart! We got there and went to the toy section, the idea being that I could pull off wearing a cheesey plastic kiddy tiara. But the only one was huge and purple, and that wasn’t quite the idea I was going for, so we headed elsewhere. Somewhere along the line, I decided that I needed some supplies for a present I was planning to make for Nickie. So we picked up posterboard and headed for the back of the store. We wandered through the fabric section and I talked about making something to wear for my birthday, but you can’t buy fabric afterhours because there’s nobody there to measure it and cut it for you. So we left there and spent time sitting in the craft section while I picked out paints. Then by some bizarre chance, Nickie turned around, and on the other half of one of the aisles was wedding supplies and nestled in the middle was a pretty princess tiara. I ripped one of them out of the box and tried it on, but we decided to wait and actually shop for one tomorrow, since deduction implied that wedding stores probably sell them. So armed with paints, brushes and posterboard, we headed home.

Nickie sat up for a while longer and then went to sleep, while I retreated to the living room and proceeded to make a mess into a masterpiece. And made Nickie a (late) Valentine’s picture that says on it “love makes us beautiful.” Not sure why it says that… but that’s what I thought to put on it while I was making it, so that’s what it says. And he had said something about liking banana runts the best, and how he divides them up and saves the banana for last. So I bought him a box of runts with 2$ I found in the pocket of the pants I had dug out of the bottom of the drawer to wear that night… and divided out the banana ones and put them in one little present and the rest in another one. I woke him up to give it to him. He loved it.

And that is how it went and how I got to where I am now… Sitting here writing about the best Valentine’s day I’ve ever had. Nickie did everything to make me feel like I was the most important and special thing in the world and it worked. That’s exactly how I felt. We had an absolute blast.

Last year a pretty crappy Valentine’s day and the worst birthday in the history of birthdays for reasons I won’t get into. This year I had the best Valentine’s day ever, which I would have to say is a pretty good start for my birthday tomorrow.

Thank you, Nickie, for making me feel special.

The fastest-gun-in-the-west routine.

This post refers to a website no longer available for viewing.

It seems like I’m always setting personal goals and never keeping them. Not the important ones, like getting to work on time or getting school work done… But the truly personal ones such as excercise and lose weight, or as a recent example, to try to do something productive every day, including updating this site. As it would appear, I have again failed to achieve my goal. I definitely haven’t been productive every day. I began editing a pair of my pants, which involved tearing them apart and sewing them back together differently, but i screwed it up a bit. All it meant was taking a little more time to finish it, but they’re still sitting in the living room pinned awaiting the rescue mission. I went for a long walk about a week ago… excercise-long, we walked over 5 miles. Other than that I haven’t really done much. I realised that I’ve gained weight. I was deciding what to wear for tonight and when I tried on one of my favorite skirts, it was too tight. That’s no good at all. And is rather strange considering I don’t have much money to buy food, and therefore don’t eat much. Who knows. I suppose that’s some incentive to attempt some sort of exercise schedule, but that’s the first time in over a year that I’ve had the chance to dress up. So it’s not very likely.

Anyway… as it were, I have been extremely busy on the webpage. It wouldn’t appear so. There’s finally pictures under visualaid and as you can see soulcandy has been taken down. I’m not sure what I’ll replace it with, if anything. But I realised that I just didn’t have the patience to put enough information on media on this site so as to warrant the necessity for an entire section dedicated to it. So down it went.

But… this is the fun part, and the entire reason for me writing this entry… I have officially converted this entire website over to CSS or, for those who don’t know, Cascading Style Sheets. Normally when you’re writing a webpage, you put all the formatting information within the page itself, right at the point where you wish to format it as such. With CSS, you write a single file and insert one line at the beginning of each page linking to that file. And voila! Every page is not only formatted beautifully, it’s formatted exactly the same. It makes for cleaner coding and zero continuity issues. Best part of all is that I did it all by myself. Once again… I did try to get other people to do it, but everyone either refused or was doing something else. And since it involved editting every page on the site, I wanted it done now. So just as I did with creating this site in the first place, I hacked it out and did it all myself.

Maybe I’ll learn and just do things myself to begin with. Doubtful.

Anyway… Now those who know technically what I’m talking about will understand that I haven’t been slacking. And the rest of you will just have to take my word for it.

The Air Conditioning War.

So… I live in Florida now. And for the first time in my life, I have central air. Which, even living in Michigan would have been a godsend. But we had hot water heating and it would have involved installing the entire venting system… So that was never going to happen. I was the only one in the house who was too hot anyway. Now I have it, and it’s wonderful. Florida temperature is a warm early summer day in Michigan in January. If I’m lucky. Often it’s 80 degrees or warmer out. (Although the other day it went from being 75 one day to being 22 the next day… And I thought Michigan weather was schizo.) Lately it’s been pretty cool out, so having the windows open has been perfect, almost cold sometimes, which is super keen, because you can always put on more clothes to get warmer… There’s only so much you can take off. But as of a weekago or so, it started warming up again. Which means turning on the AC.

Here’s how our apartment is set up in terms of the air conditioning system. It splits into a Y somewhere, but here’s the order in which the rooms are cooled: Danny’s bathroom, Danny’s bedroom, the living room, my bedroom; and on the other part: the kitchen, my bathroom. The vent in Danny’s bathroom is closed, and the ones in the kitchen and living room are somewhat closed. The one in Danny’s bedroom is jammed, can’t be closed at all. So… what all this equals out to in terms of my comfort level, which of course if the whole point of everything… Is that my bedroom, the place where I spend the most time, is always the warmest room in the house. And Danny’s room, the place where he spends most of his time, is the coldest room.

Lets say the AC starts the day out set to 70 degrees. Somewhere along the line, Danny gets too cold, and walks into the living room and turns it warmer to 80 degrees or something close. His excuse for making it so much warmer is that there’s a ferret cage in front of the thermostat so he can’t see it. (Mind you he doesn’t move the ferret cage to look behind it like the rest of us… but anyway…) I’m usually sleeping or something… And realise that it’s ass warm in the bedroom. So I go out to the living room and turn it back down to 70 degrees or a little below, since it’s now 80 something… Then I return to my room and continue doing whatever I was doing… He eventually gets too cold again… And this continues on through out the day. Given, if I leave my bedroom door open, it stays a mite cooler since it circulates from the living room as well. But, it really only does that if the living room fan gets left on. Most of the time, that gets turned off too because people are too cold and no one ever turns it back on when they leave.

This whole thing has been a series of unspoken actions up until just the other day. I mentioned it to Danny (this is when he pointed out his ferret cage issues). My friend Alex came up with suggestions like putting a shirt over the AC vent in his room. He said he’ll look at his vent to see if he can unjam it, but that’s unlikely to happen. So the war continues on. Its cold outside right now, so I don’t mind so much. But when it’s 90 degrees outside tomorrow, I’m going to care again. It really does figure that the first time I get central air I’m living with a couple of shivering-wussies. Oh well.

Maybe I can set it to 70 and steal the thermostat…

Irony and luck.

And isn’t it ironic… Don’t you think..?

On the contrary, I in fact don’t think it’s ironic at all.

An old man wins the lottery and dies the next day, a bug in your wine, a death row pardon after the switch has been thrown, rain on your wedding day, paying for something and then finding out it was free, not taking good advice, a man with phobia of planes waits for the most important day of his life to fly on one and it crashes, a traffic jam when you’re already late, taking a smoke break in the no smoking section, meeting Mr. Right and then meeting his Mrs. Right…

All of this is, as a matter of fact… Mild to extreme bad luck.

Irony is the man being afraid of planes because his father, who he’d only seen a few times in his life, finally decided to hop a plane to come see him at the age of 15 to become a permenant part of his life, and the plane crashed and killed him. So, in the midst of already being screwed up in the head, things get worse through out life. He never flies anywhere on a plane. When he finally had a family of his own, he too, abandoned them. Then somewhere along the line he gets his shit together and decides to go back to them, and not letting go of his fears, he takes a bus. It crashes. He dies. That is situational irony, if there really is such a thing. And even that’s questionable and not a widely accepted usage of the word.

Irony is using words to mean the opposite of their actual meaning. An incongruity between the result that is expected of an action and what actually occurs. The use of a phrase marked by a deliberate contrast between apparent and indended meaning.

It’s a great song… but you’ll never listen to it again without thinking about this.


So this website is supposed to be an outlet. To a certain extent anyway. Some people actually put journals online. Deep down nitty gritty this is my life from the inside out and I want you to know everything about it kind of journals. Live Journals I understand. Somewhat. You can put a password on those and only give it out to some people. That’s kind of like your own little private whine-fest for you and whoever you deem worthy. But even those you can make available to the world. And that, Live Journal or not, I don’t quite understand. It brings new meaning to airing your dirty laundry. I mean… Why would you want the whole world to know what’s wrong with you. Then again… I think Live Journals can be anonymous. That I could again understand. Again somewhat. Then you’re just another screen name in this infinite parallel universe. But some people have their own websites and they actually put jourals up on them with their names blazing at the top in neon blinking letters. That I just can’t understand.

I had a really bad day today. For a lot of reasons. And as much as I would love to go into them here, because people would read it, perhaps give me feed back, whatever, perhaps agree with me (which would be ideal and would make me feel better), and perhaps wouldn’t agree with me (which I would ignore)… The people who caused the bad day could very likely read this. And that is entirely ass. If I have a problem with someone, I tell them to their face and if I don’t have the balls to tell them to their face, I see to it that it doesn’t get back to them some other manner. It’s taking the easy way out. You don’t want to deal with it, so you put it, whatever it is, somewhere where whoever they are can find it. It’s some personal way of looking at things and thinking about them. Even if I did, or do, talk to whoever about what’s bothering me, I still wouldn’t put it here. It’s not my place to do so.

Sometimes I wish I hadn’t ever told anyone I know about this site so I could write whatever I wanted. But then I’d never know if people were looking at it. And never have anyone tell me that the site looks nice. Or they liked what I wrote. Maybe I would. But it wouldn’t be the same.

I only wrote all of this because I had such a shitty day. I’d rather be writing about what happened. But now you know why I’m not.

Get a hobby.

It has been for thousands of years, a common misconception that after death the hair and nails on the human body continue to grow. As it turns out, as the body decays, the skin begins to recede from nail beds and hair follicles, making it appear that the hair and nails are continuing to grow.

I was watching Resident Evil and somewhere towards the end of it, the computer is explaining something and starts the explanation off by stating that hair and nails continue to grow etc.

That movie was made last year. I mean, the whole premise behind the movie is far fetched, so I suppose they could have been taking artistic license. But movies like that are much scarier the more believable they are. So… who knows. Maybe they need to have more creative researchers. Or more creative writers.

Either way… my question is… Who sat around watching bodies decay long enough to decide that the hair and nails continued to grow. I mean… That’s been thought to be true for thousands of years… So I suppose that someone might not have had anything better to do.


Who sat around recently watching bodies decay long enough to realise that it was the decay making it look like things continued to grow.

Seek help.