Hey, at least it included chicken…

KFC’s jingle in the early 80’s (and perhaps since, I don’t know, I haven’t been paying attention) let everyone know just how they handled their namesake meals. My family didn’t eat much fast food, which is definitely not a bad thing. Partially because I grew up in Tiny Town, but mostly because it’s much cheaper … Continue reading »


Thesaurus notes on Geek.

Straight from the Thesaurus.com entry for “geek”: Notes: a geek is any smart person with an obsessive interest, a nerd is the same but also lacks social grace, and a dweeb is a mega-nerd. Is that so. I was unaware that “mega-nerd” was a technical term. In other news, turns out “dork” can mean “penis”. … Continue reading »


Let blogs gone be blogs gone..?

And this is one blog that seems to have gone. Life really provides more than enough bollocks to fill a million existences worth of blogs. I have endless text files with tiny phrases and short sentences referencing some random observation of serious events and some nutter thing that happened as I walked by. My email … Continue reading »



In the loo this morning, I look in my little bag and I see on a bottle “URST”. The first thing that pops into my head is “liverwurst”. That in and of itself was random enough, but it still didn’t make sense. So I stop, clearly it’s not liverwurst, it’s mouthwash, but I completely blank … Continue reading »


Hurry, hurry, hurry up and wait.

I drove like the wind, flying off a high from a presentation I had just finished at work. My mum was a bit panicky (as per usual). I had been up the entire night before packing, had to be to work early for the presentation, give it, and then drive straight to the airport from … Continue reading »



I couldn’t not share this. Girl, You’re So Groovy Monday, September 7 2009 – 12:39 PM by: Tycho I. She had trawled iTunes for the worst sort of music possible to accompany the process, music in quotation marks, “Meditation Trax” where the waveforms of synthetic pan flutes and the built-in Casio drums compete with one … Continue reading »

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