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28 July 2007

Matt S: I’m shedding. Out of habit I keep running my hands through my hair and I keep having hair in my hands.
Kattni: Like receding hairline shedding? Or normal shedding.
Matt S: Oh no. I have a magnificent mane

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26 July 2007

They have fake plastic fruit but I don’t know where you buy it.  Maybe at the fake plastic grocery store.  But it’s real plastic.  So I guess at the plastic grocery store. – Jeff

Kattni: Also, I have…  I’m not

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18 July 2007

Why is Oprah in the news because her 2-year-old golden retriever died? “I feel like I got stabbed in the chest.” Me too, Oprah. Me too. – Matt S

I’m planning on taking Jessica out for a night on the

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12 July 2007

I think I’m going to shave it this weekend. I’m just getting annoyed with it. That and it’s been 95º outside all week and well… It gets a little warm in this… region. I was trying to think of some

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11 July 2007

Jeremy: You just seem so business oriented about the whole thing.
Kattni: Well, aren’t you?
Jeremy: Well, yea.  But… sometimes you just can’t handle.. business.
Kattni: wtf is that supposed to mean.
Jeremy: Sometimes you’re just not in business environment.

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9 July 2007

If vaginas had tongues, I’d probably explode. – Scott

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2 July 2007

Oops. I haven’t quite figured that out. .. The horn, yea. – Andrew

Jeff: It’s like I have my own screaming teenage fan club.
Kattni: You do!  And it’s me!

The F U has set sail! – Jeff

Emo fishing.

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