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29 December 2008

I wish I had been there for that. – Brian B

Kattni: I didn’t do this to keep them back here. I did it to keep them at the bar. So when people took them we could say. HEY. Why

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28 December 2008

It goes down like a 2$ concierge. – Rich

Rich: Shut up!… SHUT UP. Shut up, lady…. Move on with your life! She just wouldn’t shut up. She keeps going and going and going….
Kattni: The energizer idiot.
Rich: Oh

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24 December 2008

I almost hugged the guy. But he’s got a gun, so…. – Scot

Josh T: Ah, fuck. me.
Nick: No. Not going to happen.
Josh: Aww…. What about later… Can we at least cuddle?
Nick: Well, yea, of course we

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23 December 2008

Kattni: Chris… You know what’s funny about that…
Chris C: What.
Kattni: I had a character on a MUD and it was named Pounce.
Chris C: A what?
Kattni: A MUD. Know what that is?
Chris C: No.
Kattni: Go

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21 December 2008

He says, “It’s supposed to be done today,” and I said, “It’s… still today.” – Jay T

Over the radio: Can someone grab yellow hat guy?
Jay T: Is Curious George here?

I want so bad to go out there

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20 December 2008

He’s either drunk or needs to wear a helmet. – David

The straw shot out! – Nick N

You are lucky that I’m facing this direction. – Ryan

Put that on your blog! – Scot

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18 December 2008

Josh T: Did you know that studder, studies show that coffee increasing, increases product, productivity?
Kattni: Then you need to have more since you couldn’t even make it through that sentence.

My spudger has a bent tip. – Josh T

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17 December 2008

I won’t make you eat my pizza. – Rich

Jules: Pizza sucks.
Rich: But it delivers itself. I shouldn’t have to go out for food, food should come to me.

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15 December 2008

Kattni: Didn’t you know? He wears a thong.
Kaitlin: That would be a deal breaker.

Yea. Scrapbooking and quilting, at – Josh T

I need to build a website. – Josh T

See, it’s worth it just for the

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9 December 2008

Nick N: Oh it’s good…. It’s really good…..
Kattni: I’m not going to finish my sentence in case anything I say somehow plays into that….

Jules: How did you see that? Gold against beige… How did you possibly see that,.

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8 December 2008

‘iPod headphones hanked’…… Hanked?…… Hanked……..? – Josh T

Josh T: There’s nothing wrong with being a manwhore.
Kattni: Oh I totally agree.
Josh T: Yea… That term has been thrown around at me lately…
Kattni: Awww… Really?.. How come I

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7 December 2008

Did you just say ‘center for gonorrhea’? – Jay T

What is that guy listening to? – David

Yeeaaayy!… Couldn’t have sounded more feminine. – Jay T

*into the walkie* Hey Mike, that iTunes is done. …. ……. Maybe you

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6 December 2008

Rich: Everyone I graduated with is turning 30 this year and my friend is the first one out of the gate, so we went and played whirlyball last night.
Jay T: So you’re sore?
Rich: Yea… Just below the waist.

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5 December 2008

Josh T: I don’t understand why this part won’t come in.
Kattni: Because we are a round hole and it is square.
Josh T: Oooh. Sounds painful.

This logic board isn’t even in the static bag. It’s taped at this

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4 December 2008

Kind of like Stephan yesterday. He’s the one that gave us a promoter letter and referred to me as the ‘cute boy who brought his computer out’. “The cute boy with the green hair,” or something. And I’m like, that’s

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