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3 March 2010

Jay T: You know the video where the lady is crushing grapes and she falls off and she’s going wwwuuuuggghhhhhh wuuuugghhhh
Kattni: Yea! “oweeoweeowee”
Jay: “I can’t breathe”… Yea, well we were in Columbus, on the Columbus Strip, and there was some girl piggybacking another girl and she fell off, and my buddy leans down and goes “WUUUUGGGHHHH.. WUUGGHHHHH.”

Nick: Nut driver.
Josh: What?
Nick: Nut driver…
Josh: What…?
Nick: A handle for a nut driver.
Kattni/Jules/Josh: …..
Nick: What. It’s a handle for a nut-driver. With a nut-driver in it.