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12 April 2010

DK: How big of a fan of Jonas Jerebko do you have to be to wear a Jerebko jersey. Was it the give away this weekend?
Kattni: Yes. All you had to do is go.
DK: Yea, and that’s the real jersey. ‘Here, take this.’
Kattni: Exactly.
DK: I mean, I know the gift with purchase at the makeup counter. This was just gift with attendance.
Kattni: Yes.
DK: But, still, Jerebko? There were 13 fans in attendance and she got lucky and got Jerebko’s jersey.
Todd: Got lucky?
DK: It was her lucky day
Todd: Just checking. I think they were just sent to Target. “Here. Sell these for 4 bucks.”

DK: What are you doing.
Jess M: Nothing.
DK: How’s that going for you.
Jess M: Ok…
DK: Do we need to go to the video tape
Jess M: No I don’t think so…
DK: Ok. I’m glad we had this talk.

DK: I feel like you should stay away from me today.
Kattni: Ok…. is there anything I should know?
DK: Nope.
Kattni: Ok…
DK: Just a little bit further away.
Kattni: Ok… Nothing I should know not to do?
DK: That’s what you should know.