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11 January 2011

Some people will burn eternally in hell. There’s a little something to start off class. – John B

Have you heard of this religion where you switch your shoes on Thursday? You put your left shoe on your right foot and your right shoe on your left foot. Have you heard of this? One girl in my other class had heard of it. Which surprised me because I just made it up for the other class. – John B

Hopefully you can see in the dark. That was a witty reference to a conversation we had a few minutes ago. – John B

You guys know what a “nunnery” is right? Right… It’s a place where they can nuns. – John B

And his ashes were sent to her, I don’t even know where she got the ashes. – John B

You have to pretend this chalk, which… I just accidentally licked… is marijuana. – John B

You remember Mr. Johnson? We met him a few fallacies ago… – John B