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2 March 2010

I like taking the LIFE board…. And putting the Mouse Trap stuff on it… Whole new spin on the game. – Nick N

Wooden Hoe is funny. – Jay T


25 February 2010

Kattni: Mmmgrrmmm…
Rich: What?
Kattni: I’m talking with German accent.
Rich: Oh. I thought I heard something about a facial.

Rich: It’s mmmttmmmmfmm…
Kattni: Did you just say you have your tonsils sticking out?
Rich: No… Good one though… I said it’s like having your tonsils taken out.


9 February 2010

Aww. All these kids only have one eyebrow. – Rich


4 November 2009

I went to a halloween party last night that ended in an orgy. Everyone was dressed as The Beast with a Billion Backs. – Matt S

Matt S: So she wants a wave invite. I told her I would trade them for nudes. The kicker: I don’t have any invites. Only time will tell if she thought I was serious. (I’d send her an invite regardless if I had any.)
Kattni: u wave?
Matt: u wave yea u wave
Kattni: Please forgive the complete and utter degradation of my typing. Right hand/arm now immobilised.
Matt: Yes it’s quite alright. I <3 you all the same Kattni.
Kattni: I know. But u and ur make me throw up a little in my mouth.

Matt S: I’m on the okc stickcam chat thing.
Kattni: How’s that working out for you?
Matt S: Minimally. My roommate’s new boyfriend sucks up all the bandwidth.
Kattni: lol. Natch.
Matt S: In more ways than one HEYOOOO.


14 August 2009

Jeff A: You don’t even know the best part. I was a total waste of time. Because, what am I totaling.
Kattni: Nothing!
Jeff A: Exactly.


24 July 2009

Kattni: You should give that to him, because I’m not going to sit here and press enter every time the chicken shows up.
Jonathan: Oh, I will.
Kattni: You’ll press enter every time the chicken.
Jonathan: Yes.
Paul: Good. Just don’tchokethe… Nevermind.


18 July 2009

See in 10 years it’ll be cool, because we can say it’s the 20s again. “Yea… the 20s are back! Let’s all get plastered… and rob some banks… with top hats…” Nevermind. I’m bringing the 20’s back when they come again. It’ll be the Roaring 20s II. – Paul P


28 June 2009

Ooh, these don’t say who they’re from. Woojin Act. Or W-infinite-jin act. Hm… sounds like… 90 percent of all sticky paper must be made in America. Per the Woojin Act.┬áSomething from WWII. Saw too many japanese movies and decided they needed giant fly paper. Senator Woojin was a huge godzilla fan. – Rich

Feathered hair, Peewee Herman guy who played him in the movie, and I thought, “If that’s what jesus looks like, I’m sold.” – Jay T


20 May 2009

No! I wanna see nubs! – Shawn


6 May 2009

Jen: I had a brilliant idea this evening! I will give my bro one of my laptops. Filled with edubuntu and all sorts of goodies
Justin: Oh God help us all.
Jen: And because it is an ancient lappy and I will be putting stickers on it. His house shouldn’t steal it. And if he destroys it, so what? I got it for free. And it will have linux to confuse the house people. My plan will be AWESOME.
Justin: You are truly an evil genius.
Jen: Well his house tends to steal his stuff. I figure make it stuff no ones knows how to operate, so lock it down, and make it all big icony for my brother. Cause he has wanted a lappy for several years and he is 21 one.
Justin: :)
Jen: I have no idea why I typed one after 21.
Justin: Heh. As I said, you are truly an evil genius. Let us laugh together. Muahahahahahahaha!
Jen: Muwhahahahahah!
Justin looks around for minions.
Jen: I was thinking of checking out text to speech options as well.
Justin: I’m sure I ordered minions…
Jen: As he can only do sightwords. I am sure you ordered minions as well.
Jen looks around.
Jen finds a box behind the couch…filled with dead minions.
Justin: This is what happens when you order discount minions and leave BPX-Dev to answer when the postman rings. He always rings twice, you know. The postman that is. Beep doesn’t ring so much as dingaling.


1 May 2009

From the nipples down, I’m very clean. – Shawn

John M: Oh, sorry, I touched your screen.
Kyle: It’s a touch screen.
Kattni and Shawn: *snrk*
John M: Oh. Well, nothing happened. At least I didn’t touch it there and hose it.
Kattni and Shawn: *snrrrk*
John M: …It must get all fingerprinty though.

Kattni: Hold still, I’m using you.
Shawn: I’m a tool.
Kattni: Remember, I made you.
Shawn: I am a unipod.
Kattni: You look like a bipod. Although, without the salmon net…
Shawn: Without my salmon net, I’m
Kattni and Shawn: a tripod.


15 April 2009

Could it be under a Johnson? – Marie

Josh: If there’s a dead dog anywhere, Dan is beating it.
Jay/Kattni: Aaahahahahahah….
Jay: That’s a dead horse by the way…
Josh: Yea… He doesn’t have the guts to kill a horse.


14 April 2009

Are you a sock model? – Josh

Meg: I’ll be in and out super fast.
Kattni: That’s what she said.

Scot: Need to get my wooden paddle.
Rich: What happens in the office.. staaays in the office.

Alright. I’m coming out. – Jay

Mike F: Cus you guys make fun of my initials because you think I’m a mf….
Meg: Wait… oh!
Chris C: Thinking you’re a muslim?!
Meg: Seriously, I’m looking at it going, how are they calling the customer a mf’er. I really hope they don’t see these things!

Kattni: Hoarding all the orange sharpies
Nicky: They have a white sticker on it…
Kattni: No… I wouldn’t be surprised though
Nicky: give it a week.


31 March 2009

Smells like a strawberry dreamboat. – Josh T


28 March 2009

You are jealous of my cellophane hat. I know this to be true. – Kattni

Nick: I remember eating my candy out of test tubes, they were wax, you chewed them to get the liquid out.
Kaitlin: Yea, the bottle shaped ones.
Nick: No they were tubes.
Kaitlin: You don’t chew it! You bite the top off and drink it out.
Kattni: They were long skinny tubes, it wasn’t possible to get the candy out without chewing on it.
Kaitlin: You just bite the top off and suck it out…
Kattni: They weren’t the same, it wasn’t possible.
Kaitlin: Well wouldn’t you.. swallow wax?
Kattni: “When we were kids, our candy was wax, and WE LIKED IT.” Back in our day, we didn’t have all that kid friendly safety foam. We had toys with points and tiny parts.
Nick: I remember having candy cigarettes, they blew sugar out the end like they were lit. I was in New York and there was a candy store, and I found them! So I bought a bunch for my nephew. When I opened them, they turned out to be chocolate. My sister was all, “You thought it was ok to buy candy CIGARETTES for my 3 year old.” Well.. Yea!

Kattni: *yo ‘sup arm movement* I still love it. I was doing that after work a while back and said, “I can’t do it quite right. Have to practice.” Melissa says, “It’s because you’re not black.” I said, “Jay can do it great.” We both pause. I say, “Jay’s a little black.” “Yea, he’s a little black.”
Nick: We boys, we boys.
Kaitlin: Pogo sticks, those were unsafe!
Kattni: … What?…. How did you even get…
Nick N: It’s her.
Kattni: “When we were kids, we chewed on wax for candy.” “POGO STICKS…”
Kaitlin: We were talking about unsafe toys!
Nick: We were talking about black people.

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